Towards a responsive architecture

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Gonçalo Furtado Lopes, “Towards a Responsive Architecture. Cedric Price’s Generator and Systems Research”.
Research 2005/6 supported by F.C.T.. F.A.U.P., March 2006. (Approx. length 45 000).

“This…presents a large research on one of the seminal architectural projects engaged with cybernetics conceived by Cedric Price. … The relevance of this research consists of two aspects: first it provides a complete historical account of the project and second it explores the significance of its cybernetic engagement.”

“Part 0 - Introduction.
Part 1 - The history of Generator.
1.1 - Howard’s art initiatives - Collecting and researching.
1.3 - … The subsequent design development.
1.4 - An inclusive teamwork - The consultants´ cooperation.
1.5 - … The regeneration process and the first menu.
1.6 - Reports - Specifying the building components.
1.7 - Test - First experience and prototype.
1.8 - Envisioning the building and its subsequent suspension.
Part 2 - Technological responsiveness and its legacy.
2.1 - The Frazers´ - Cybernetic systems and models.
2.2 - Returnings - Later proposals and its legacy."

Research was made possible by a scholarship fund from Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia (Cofinanciamento do Programa Operacional da Ciência e Inovação 2010 e do fundo social Europeu).

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