Conference ASC 2008

“ASC 2008 Conference and BCL […] 50th Anniversary
May 11th to 15th, 2008

2008 sees the 50th anniversary of the founding, by Heinz von Foerster, of the BCL at the University of Illinois, Urbana / Champaign.…Our conference will celebrate this remarkable laboratory in joint festival with the Department of Electrical Engineering at UIUC, which was the umbrella under which the BCL sheltered. This activity is being organized to coincide with the 8th Understanding Complex Systems (UCS) Symposium […].”(In http://www.asc-cybernetics.org/organization/events.htm, accessed 1-5-2008).

Allena Leonard
Andy Hilgartner
David Apgar
Goncalo Furtado
Jan Mueggenburg
Jeff Glassman
John Zelinski
Judy Lombardi
Karl Mueller
Klaus Krippendorf
Larry Richards
Larry Wexler
Laura Anderson
Lee Worden
Lucas Pawlik
Paul Schroeder
Paul Weston
Philip Guddemi
Philip Lewin
Pille Bunnell
Qilo Matzen
Randy Whittaker
Ranulph Glanville
Ricardo Uribe
Rob Scott
Robert Martin
Stuart Umpleby
Susan Parenti
Thomas Fischer

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