"Consciousness Reframed 9"

The Planetary Collegium’s IXth International Research Conference:
Consciousness Reframed 9

3-5 July 2008

The Ambiguity of Self: living in a variable reality
ROY ASCOTT - University of Plymouth, UK / Planetary Collegium
ELIF AYITER - Sabanci University, Istanbul, Turkey / Planetary Collegium - CAiiA, UK
Holarchy & Team Consciousness: syncretizing difference to co-create a synergy-of-synergies
JOHN BACKWELL - Goldsmiths University of London, UK
Realities from the Unconscious, or Reprogramming Digital Sub(con)texts
RENÉ BAUER - University of the Arts Zurich, Switzerland
Function of Unfunctionality: wearable forms in life and art
LAURA BELOFF - University of Helsinki, Finland / Planetary Collegium - CAiiA, UK
Ekphrasis and a Dynamic Mysticism in Art: reflections on Henri Bergson’s philosophy and Aby Warburg’s Mnemosyne Atlas
MARTHA BLASSNIGG - University of Plymouth, UK
Presence and Atmosphere - Notes on the Conscious: invention of reality, social interaction, and a new event structure
INGRID BÖCK - Vienna University of Technology, Austria
The A-Historical Act
WULF WALTER BÖTTGER - Bauhaus University Weimar, Germany
From Life to Life - The Multiplicity of the Living
PIER LUIGI CAPUCCI - Universities of Bologna and Urbino / NABA / Planetary Collegium - M-Node, Italy
Polymorphic Museum
SIMONA CARACENI - Universities of Bozen, Florence and Bologna / Planetary Collegium - M-Node, Italy
Reproducing the Past - Alienating the Body: digital time and re-enactment
ANTONIO CARONIA - Academy of Fine Arts Brera, Milan / NABA / Planetary Collegium - M-Node, Milan, Italy
Perception and its Transformation: fine-tuning in between states
LINDA CASSENS STOIAN - Independent artist, theorist, Basel, Switzerland
Regarding the Orgiastic as a Strategic Means to Reinvest Perceptions of Realities
ISABELLE CHOINIÈRE - Corps Indice, Montréal, Canada / Planetary Collegium - CAiiA, UK
Bergson, Bohm, and the Delayed-Image
DAVID CRAWFORD - Gothenborg University, Sweden
The Syncretic Realm of Nikola Tesla
NINA CZEGLEDY - KMDI University of Toronto and Concordia University, Montréal, Canada
DERRICK DE KERCKHOVE - University of Toronto, Canada / Planetary Collegium - M-Node, Italy
Imaging Technological Structures for Organization of Biological Consciousness and Aesthetic Experience
MARGARET DOLINSKY - Indiana University, Bloomington, USA / Planetary Collegium - CAiiA, UK
Constructed Bodies: can biomedical instruments become tools of selfperception?
HANNAH DRAYSON - University of Plymouth, UK
Seeing Things - Ghosts in the Machine
ALAN DUNNING - Alberta College of Art and Design, Calgary, Canada
University of Calgary, Canada
The Art of Programming or Programs as Art
ERNEST EDMONDS - University of Technology, Sydney, Australia
Design Discourse and Discourse Design: reflections on conveyence matter
JÜRGEN FAUST - MFM University, Munich, Germany / IED, Milan, Italy / Monterrey Tec, Mexico / Planetary Collegium - M-Node, Italy
Recombinant Ecologies of the Social
WOLFGANG FIEL - Vienna University of Technology, Austria / Planetary Collegium - CAiiA, UK
Emergent Social Architectures - Transformed Senses of Belonging
ANDREAS LEO FINDEISEN - Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna, Austria
Amplified Movements: an enactive approach to sound in interaction design
KARMEN FRANINOVIC - University of the Arts Zurich / Planetary Collegium - Z-Node, Switzerland
Envisioning an Evolving Environment: the encounters of Gordon Pask, Cedric Price and John Frazer - a brief account
GONÇALO M FURTADO C L - University of Porto, Portugal
Digital Oracles and the Search Dictatorship
MARTHA CARRER CRUZ GABRIEL - NMD - New Media Developers / University of Anhembi Morumbi / University of São Paulo, Brazil
New Realities: choices in virtual worlds - using boundary/borders theories
GREGORY P. GARVEY - Quinnipiac University, Hamden, USA
Blue Morph: ritual metamorphosis of art | science realms
JAMES GIMZEWSKI - University of California, Los Angeles, USA / Planetary Collegium
VICTORIA VESNA - University of California, Los Angeles, USA
Heteronymia in Dataspace
LUIS MIGUEL GIRÃO - Artshare, Ida, Aveiro, and Foundation for Science and Technology, Portugal / Planetary Collegium - CAiiA, UK
Empathy and Interactivity: exploiting empathic circuits between audiences and interactive arts
TINA GONSALVES - University of Technology, Sydney, Australia
Real Virtuality: immersion and perception of virtual architecture in multi-user virtual environments
JOCHEN HOOG - Vienna University of Technology, Austria
A Semiotic Approach to Visitor Interaction, Participation and Perspective in Digital Arts
BIRGIT HUEMER - University of Vienna, Austria
IT Revolution and New Realities in Korea: syncretic aspects of Korean digilog-culture
JUNG A. HUH - Yonsei University, Seoul, South Korea
Technologically-Aware Ecosystems in Art and Society
SALVATORE IACONESI - Independent artist, Rome, Italy
ORIANA PERSICO - Independent artist, Rome, Italy
Futility is Resistance! Toy-object, Schwarzgerät and Dingpolitik in Ludic Research Objectives
MARGARETE JAHRMANN - University of the Arts Zurich, Switzerland / Planetary Collegium - CAiiA, UK
Experiential Digital Media for the Lived World
PAMELA JENNINGS - Banff New Media Institute, Canada
Roomforthoughts: imagining the subjective experience of psychosis with installation art as a creative tool of knowledge
JENNIFER KANARY - University of Amsterdam and Gerrit Rietveld Academy, NL / Planetary Collegium - M-Node, Italy
The Geography of the Unseen
NICOLAJ KIRISITS - University of Applied Arts, Vienna, Austria
This Is (not) a Syndrome: pillow research - multiple diagnoses and hidden talents
BERND KRAEFTNER - Research Centre for Shared Incompetence / University of Applied Arts, Vienna, Austria
Passage: a hybrid between interactive installation and performance
MARTIN KUSCH - kondition pluriel / University of Applied Arts, Vienna, Austria
Artificial Life System for the Production of Cinematographic Narration
IRO LASKARI - National & Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece
Spatial Uncertainty and Military Avoidance: Duchamp, direct and indirect strategies
KIERAN LYONS - University of Wales, Newport, UK
SEMI RYU - Virginia Commonwealth University, USA / Planetary Collegium - CAiiA, UK
20 Mistakes Make Me Wonder_ (take #2)
MIGUEL SANTOS - Sheffield Hallam University, UK
JILL SCOTT - Zurich University of the Arts / Planetary Collegium, Z-Node, Switzerland
Reducing Pain in Alternative Immersive Environments: a proposal
JINSIL SEO - Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada
Solar Display: a self sustainable communication display for media facades
CHRISTA SOMMERER - University of Art and Industrial Design, Linz, Austria
Bits of Behavior /Concepts prior to Words: the emotional intuition of form
BARBARA STAFFORD - The University of Chicago, USA / Planetary Collegium
Is there a Role and Function for Today’s Heterogeneous Knowledges in the Global Culture Industry?
RENÉ STETTLER - Neue Galerie Luzern, Lucerne, Switzerland / Planetary Collegium - CAiiA, UK
Building Familiarity: Heidegger in architectural design
RANDALL TEAL - University of Idaho, USA
FEDERICA TIMETO - Academy of Fine Arts ABADIR, Palermo / Planetary Collegium - M-Node, Italy
Cultural Computing - Zenetic Computer
NAOKO TOSA - Kyoto University, Japan
Art-Quantum Physics-Subjectivity
SARAH TREMLETT - University of the Arts London, UK
Reductionism Reframed
NICHOLAS TRESILIAN - International Society for the Study of Time
Virtual Sensations - Metaphors of the Forest
SUZETE VENTURELLI - University of Brasília, Brazil
A Fascination by Waves - Brain Interface Art and EEG
LENARA VERLE - Sito Electronic Arts / Unisinos University, Porto Alegre, Brazil
The Mediated Singularity: human use as a passport to technological innovation
NATASHA VITA-MORE - Planetary Collegium - CAiiA, Plymouth, UK
Surface Conscious: emerging material technologies in ceramic skins
JASON OLIVER VOLLEN - University of Arizona, Tucson, USA
PETER WEIBEL - University of Applied Arts, Vienna, Austria / ZKM, Karlsruhe, Germany
Krasis (Ennoia)
MONIKA WEISS - Washington College, Chestertown, USA / Planetary Collegium - CAiiA, UK
The Architect’s Circle, or The Geometrical Incline of Truth
CLAUDIA WESTERMANN - Vienna University of Technology, Austria / Planetary Collegium - CAiiA, UK
Hybrid Architecture Hyper Functions
MANFRED WOLFF-PLOTTEGG - Vienna University of Technology, Austria
Memory - Image - Archive: few remarks on the art of Roman Opalka and the practice of photo archiving
KATARZYNA MARIA WOZNIAK - Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany
A Transdisciplinary Experimental Platform for the Art / Science / Technology Dialogue in the Educational Context
MARIELA YEREGUI - Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero, Buenos Aires, Argentina
The Mind Cupola: towards a consciousness altering device
BRIGITTA ZICS - University of Wales, Newport, UK
Co-evolving Affective Wearable Computer #2 - Biocybernetic Relationship Object
RACHEL ZUANON - Anhembi Morumbi and PUC-SP University, São Paulo, Brazil

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