Gonçalo M Furtado C L, “The Encounters Around Architecture and Systems Research: [An Introductory Excerpt]”, in: AA Issue 8 (Newsletter), Architectural Association, London, 2009. [Forthcoming]

This text is an excerpt of Furtado’s original text: Gonçalo M. Furtado C. L., “Envisioning an Evolving Environment: The Encounters of Gordon Pask, Cedric Price and John Frazer” [PhD Dissertation], London: University College of London, 2007, pp.6-8.
The thesis was based mainly on Furtado’s 2005 primary research of Gordon Pask’s personal archive (held by Ms. Amanda Heitler at the time) and Cedric Price Archives (held at the Canadian Centre for Architecture). Research was made possible by a scholarship from FCT (Co-financiamento do programa Operatcional da Ciência e Inovação 2010 e do Fundo Social Europeu). The thesis’s abstract reads: “This thesis provides a history of exchanges between architecture and the fields of cybernetics, systems research and computation throughout the last five decades. In particular, it focuses on the encounters between three pre-eminent British professionals - Gordon Pask, Cedric Price and John Frazer - and provides a complete account of two outstanding architectural projects related to systems and computation - Generator and Japan Net. It also highlights the architectural relevance of these encounters and the importance of their contemporary legacy - the genesis of the systemic and computational paradigm in architectural design and the promotion of an evolving environment.”

In addition, see my papers and books on these topics [above], as well as the following documents:
FURTADO, Gonçalo, “Towards a Responsive Architecture: Cedric Price’s Architecture and Systems Research” (Scientific report), FAUP, March 2006; and Gonçalo, “Envisioning an Evolving Environment […]” (Scientific Report), FAUP, February 2007.

Acknowledgements: I am grateful to Terence Riley (for the Interview published in 2003); to OA (for their invitation to give a talk at Serralves about the Metabolists and MoMA’s “the Changing of the Avantguard” in 2003); to C.Larsen (for his help during my research at MoMA in 2003(?)), to H.Schubert (for his help during my research at the CCA in 2005), to A.Heitler (for her help during my research at Pask’s archives in 2005); to V.Silva (for his brief commentaries on my text on C.Price and Cybernetics submitted to PSIAX in 2004); and to Jonathan Hill (for his commentaries during my 2005 presentation at the Bartlett titled “Enabling Architecture and Technological Responsivity in Cedric Price”). I am also grateful to Neil Spiller, the Frazers and Roy Ascott.

Further readings:
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