IJUP 2010

IJUP 2010


A1 - Architecture

622 The epidermal design: From experience to use 1 Arquitectura Submitted Oral Miguel Castro Albuquerque
462 Architecture and the Biologic: The relation between Gender and creation of Space 2 Arquitectura Submitted Oral Márcia Cunha
486 The value of memory in project´s practice - the importance of ruin in patrimonial interventions 3 Arquitectura Submitted Oral Ana Catarina Gomes Castro Monteiro
584 Bas-Belleville, A participation experience 4 Arquitectura Submitted Oral Margarida Oliveira
567 Nairobi: upgrading the slums 5 Arquitectura Submitted Oral Alda Ribeiro Coelho

A2 - Civil Engineering, Architecture
601 THERMAL REFURBISHMENT OF ROOFS IN OLD BUILDINGS - Assessment of solutions from a technical and economic standpoint Engenharia Submitted Oral Ana Gesta Santos, Arq.ª
210 Competitiveness of Portuguese constructers in the national and international market Engenharia Submitted Oral João Vaz
438 Operational control of cutting trees with chainsaws in the operation of primeval forest in the Amazon. Engenharia Submitted Oral Elton Luciano Correa Ribeiro
508 Modernist housing in Oporto: Some works by Januário Godinho História e Estudos culturais Submitted Oral Nuno Ferreira
559 Influence of Socioeconomic status on indoor thermal comfort: Case Study in Bairro da Bouça, Porto, Portugal Geografia e Sociologia Submitted Oral Teresa Menezes, Mário de Almeida, Helena Madureira

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