Curated by Gonçalo Furtado and Rui Póvoas

"Between 1976 and 1979 the avant-garde architect Cedric Price got himself involved in an enigmatic project that came to be known as the “Generator”. The afore mentioned project, designed for the plantation of a North-American millionaire was intended to hold the ever flowing occurrence of new activities, desires and raising of ideas.
At that time, John’s and Julia Frazer’s computer investigation would provide a system designed to stimulate the regeneration of the complex and the project was thus to be acknowledged as the “first intelligent building”.
The present exhibition, under the curatorship of the professors Gonçalo Furtado e Rui Póvoas, brings for the first time to the public a set of drawings of the Generator project that are in trust of the Frazers. The selection, made by Gonçalo Furtado during his PhD research in the UK, was structured by both commissaries and was put into context with the help of contemporaneous bibliographic material.
Passing by the numerous items present in the exhibition, the visitor will understand the enormous effort of Cedric Price in the name of an impermanent architecture, open to the time flow and to the desires of its users, as well as the relevant contribution of John and Julia Frazer.

NOTE: The exhibition held in the FAUP's Museum will be opened to the public from the 22 September 2008; and before the return of all materials to the UK, Furtado - author of the book "Generator and Beyond" - will conduct a guided visit to the exhibition."
(in:Gonçalo Furtado and Rui Póvoas (eds.), "Cedric Price's Generator [...]", Oporto: FAUP, September 2008. (ISBN 978-972-9483-88-2)

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