A workshop in south america, 2004

"Critical artefacts in PEI: About the workshop Óbsessive Technologies-Theoretical repressions´...
The theoretical basis of the workshop was based on the relationship of the contemporary architectural thought and art, design, philosophy and cultural studies, as well as with the main vectors of scientific development that we identify to be centered in computer sciences and biotechnologies. ... [T]he two first sessions ... were centered in the idea of critical artefact ... . Here we covered the redefinition of the theory and the practical idea of architecture during the last century, from the context of the vanguards of the beginning of the century, passing throught the context of the postwar period, the emergence of structuralism and the current post-modernists poststructuralism. ... Special attention was given to what we call the ...Critics, that beyond the historical assignation of Modern-Postmdoern periods this faction kept constant performance - ... from ... cosntructivism to Price or Tschumi."

Gonçalo Furttado, "Critical artefacts in PEI: About the workshop Óbsessive Technologies-Theoretical repressions´...", in: Gonçalo Furtado and Carlos Hernandez, "Off forum: Postglobal city and marginal design discourses", Bogota: PEI, 2004, pp.11-12.

The reserach developed last year at the “Program of International Studies” of PUJ under the Goncalo Furtado’s concept, was done under a very profund theoretical profile, studying deeply the topic of New Technologies under the light of a reinterpretation of the meaning of practice in Architecture and the content of cultures. Conceptually it was based in the interdisciplinary that takes place when architectonic thought relates with Arts, Design, Philosophy, as well as areas involving the growing development of scince: computer scince and bio-technology.
The project developed was exhibited in Barcelona in the event “Met room - International Off Forum of cultures”.

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