Preface by Neil

"A Tale of Enabling

I must, right at the start confess a vested interest in the subject of this book and its author. Gonçalo Furtado was a PhD student of mine ... [a]s the years progressed my respect for Gonçalo increased as I observed his tenacity as a architectural researcher, his powerful ambition, his keen fact gathering and his sheer work ethic. This book is a testament to that work ethic. Gonçalo and I have a great love for Cedric Price, the man and his work... So, reader while you are reading Gonçalo’s book think also of Price, the man – a man too clever to ever fully affiliate himself to any university or school of architecture, but a great supporter of the art of architecture and where it lead might us."

Professor Neil Spiller is Professor of Architecture and Digital Theory and Vice Dean at the Bartlett, University College London.
[Neil Spiller, "A Tale of Enabling", in: Gonçalo M. Furtado C. Lopes, Generator and Beyond: Encounters of Cedric Price and John Frazer, pp. preface].

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