Lecture in NY on Cedric Price et alts - 30 01 2008

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
30 January 2008, 6 pm
Lecture Hall

Architecture and Systems research since WWII: Encounters of Cedric Price, Gordon Pask and John Frazer and the Envisioning of Generator, Japan Net and other responsive and intelligent environments
Professor Gonçalo Furtado

"[...]Gonçalo M Furtado C Lopes [...] work is of interest to us as it is the first comprehensive scholarship to tie together the work and interrelationships between [...] three key figures in the development of British Architecture [...]. Its importance lies not in it's historical interest alone but because of the relationship of this work to key initiatives [...] that focuses on the design and development of new technologies and processes that are adaptative and responsive to environmental and programmatic transformations. [...] Gonçalo M Furtado C Lopes [...] lecture would inaugurate to the School's lecture series in 2008. It would take place in the school's lecture hall and will be open to the students, faculty of the school, the University, the Profession and the general public". (TK - RPI, New York, 14-1-2008).


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