Price Japan Net and Generator

Gonçalo Furtado, "Cedric Price and Gordon Pask: The Japan Net Experiment (1986)", in: .
A 2007 submittion to the European Meeting on Cybernetics and Systems Research (University of Vienna, 2008)

This paper focus architect Cedric Price and cybernetician Gordon Pask collaboration around the almost unknown Japan Net project (1986). I state that Price’s architectural premises had a unique expression in this project due to Pask’s effort. The proposal envisioned the city as an ample evolving system, expressing Pask’s own second-order ideas and advancing a unique contribution to today’s I.S. debate on an evolving hybrid environment.
The paper is based mainly on primary sources examined in the course of my 2005 PhD research of the Cedric Price Archives held at the Canadian Centre for Architecture, Montreal. It benefited from a Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia’s grant (Cofinanciamento do Programa Operacional da Ciência e Inovação 2010 e do fundo social Europeu)....


Gonçalo Furtado, "The Japan Net Experience('Cedric Price, Gordon Pask and John Frazer: Generator, Japan Net and Other Responsive and Evolving Environments': Part A)",
in: Luis Borges Gouveia (ed.), “Digital Cities Summit: From Virtual World to Human World (2007)", .

Gonçalo Furtado, "Generator and Beyond: Encounters of Cedric Price and John Frazer", Coimbra: Semear Palavras, .

Gonçalo Furtado, "Cedric Price's Generator and the Frazers' System Research 1".
A 2007 submission to Technoetic Arts 6.1 edited by Roy Ascott..

"Abstract: From 1976 onwards, Cedric Price engaged in a project called Generator.
This paper focused on Cedric Price and John and Julia Frazer’ work and their exchanges during the Generator project. The project ended up being acknowledged as the first Intelligent Building.
Key words: Cedric Price, John and Julia Frazer, Generator, Intelligent Architecture."

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