Technoetic Arts

Gonçalo Furtado, Cedric Price’s Generator and the Frazers’ systems research (1), in: Technoetic Arts: A Journal of Speculative Research Volume 6 Number 1, pp. 53–70.

Cedric Price
John and Julia Frazer
Intelligent Architecture

From 1976 onwards, Cedric Price engaged in a project called Generator. This
paper focused on Cedric Price and John and Julia Frazer’ work and their
exchanges during the Generator project. The project ended up being acknowledged
as the first Intelligent Building.

Introductory Note:
This paper is based mainly in material from the Cedric Price Archives held at
the Canadian Centre for Architecture. The following abbreviations were
used: GDF for Generator Document Folio; CPA-CCA for Cedric Price Archives –
Canadian Centre for Architecture, Montreal; CPA for Cedric Price Architects;
C.Price for Cedric Price; J.Frazer for John Frazer, H.Gilman for Howard
Gilman. The paper is dedicated to Neil Spiller who supervised my PhD
Dissertation and to Roy Ascott who examined it. I am grateful to Oporto’s
University FAUP for their support for the realisation of the documents
“Towards a Responsive Architecture: Cedric Price’s Generator and Systems
Research (FAUP, March 2006) and “Envisioning an Evolving Environment:
The Encounters of Gordon Pask, Cedric Price and John Frazer (FAUP,
February 2007). A Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia’s scholarship fund
made this research possible (Co-financiamento do Programa Operacional
da Ciência e Inovação 2010 e do Fundo Social Europeu).
The 3 images are from John and Julia Frazer’s personal archive and
reproduced with their permission."

(1). Submitted March 2007.

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