Books by Gonçalo Furtado

>“Escola Universitária Vasco da Gama” is about to publish the
>book “Generator and Beyond: Encounters of Cedric Price and
>John Frazer

>Gonçalo M. Furtado C. Lopes
>“Generator and Beyond: Encounters of Cedric Price and John Frazer”
>Coimbra: Universidade Vasco da Gama, 2007 (forthcoming)

>-1.1. – Perface by Neil Spiller
>- Introduction: Encounters around Architecture and Systems Research
>1.1. - A shift: The 1960’s Breakthrough Attitude
>1.2. – Cedric Price: The maverick of British Architecture
>1.3. – The Seminality and Relevance of Price’s projects
>1.4 – Other Price’s Experiments on impermanence
>2.1. - The Generator Original Project Version: The Rise of the First
>Intelligent Building
>3.1. - Requiring Frazer’s Systems Research
>3.2 - Computational Proposals and Programs
>3.3 - The Frazers’ Research and Techniques
3.4. - Generator Computer Programs, Models and Perspectives
>3.5. - Generator’s Acknowledgement as the First Intelligent Building
>in the Early 1980s and Further Occurrences
>3.6. - Further Research and Occurrences Concerning the Generator
>4.1. - The Generator revisited
>4.2. - Beyond the Generator Experience

Faculdade de Arquitectura da Universidade do Porto will publish:
Gonçalo M. Furtado C. L., "Envisioning an Evolving Environment: The Encounters of Gordon Pask, Cedric Price and John Frazer".

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