Texts to be analysed by the students


Gonçalo Furtado, "Envisioning an Evolving Environment - The Encounters of Gordon Pask, Cedric Price and John Frazer" (Report suported FCT), FAUP, February 2007.


Gonçalo Furtado, Behind the Pencil: The construction of the Critical Project, Bogota: PEI, 2005.
"The present text aims to contribute to the debate about the enclosure that the Architecture-institution has been assuming in its more mainstream modern and post-modern versions. It concludes by proposing the possibility of a Critical project that mediates theory and construction, and contemplates the role that the former may assume in the projectual practice of post-modern architecture - a motor that permanently problematises the projectual potencial and secures a discipline´s self-critical dynamic. To achieve that, an overview of the XX century can be made by [aiming] to highlight the necessary shift from a Theory of 'prescription' to building practice to a dynamic selfcriticism of the architectural system itself. A Narrative which could begin with the Modern complexities where Theory operated towards legitimizing a generic design and a constructive practice, then leading to the post-modern desbelief and mistrust that, since the culture of criticism of the 60s, questioned the purpose of the architectural practice, focusing the conceptualization of ways of inhabiting that it inscribes." (p. cover)

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