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CECL on body

Gonçalo Furtado, THE BODY IN THE SPACE OF CONTEMPORARY TECHNIQUE, in: CECL, N 33 Body, technique, subjectivities , Maria Lucília Marcos and António Fernando Cascais, (Orgs) Lisboa, June 2004

"The essay «The body in the space of contemporary technique» is an approach to several relevant features of the relation between Body and Space, in order to ponder the civilizational models implied by their representations.According to the idea of Interface, we cast our eyes to the Machine-technique in order to expose the intimate relationship established with the Body, reconfiguring it and mediating its connection to the «real».Nowadays, a socio-techno-cultural mutation, known as «Informational», was responsible for the emergence of a new space-time structure that not only reconfigures the public sphere, the city and architecture, but also advocates the substitution-obsolescence of the Body itself.In this context, it is a task for the professionals of Communication and Design to explore in a critical fashion the communicational space generated by Technique as a support of the existence of contemporary human Body in its real-virtual wandering, and also to conceive new political interfaces towards an «Expanded body»."

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