CECL on spaces, May 07, 2005

Gonçlao Furtado, CRITICAL PROJECT - A role for theory in the practice of contemporary architecture, in: CECL, N 34 - Spaces December, José Bragança de Miranda and Eduardo Prado Coelho (Orgs), Lisboa, 2004

"If we conceive architecture not as merely the «art of organizing and constructing spaces» but rather as the conceptualization and sharing of «life-forms», we are forced to reevaluate the relation between theory and practice in this realm of knowledge. It is thus crucial to understand the transition from modernity to post-modernity, since, as much as in modernity architecture was conformed to a totalitarian language, with post-modernism arose a complex process that triggered deep cultural effects. Among these, we highlight the new perception of architecture as a cultural artifact able to articulate auto-reflexively a theory from its practices, and not reduced to the expression of a technique aimed at accomplishing a function."

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