fetish design, May 29, 2005

1 - Fetish Design and Urban seduction 1.1 - Analysis of the "fetish" notion: from its historical negative connotation to its operative application by social and cultural critics (Marx, Freund and Adorno - Frankfurt school) 1.2 - Analogies between the process of "fetishization" and the Design’s dynamic between visual culture and spectator (GF) 2.1 - Contemporary Urban Culture and Architectural "Anesthetics" (Simmel, Benjamim, Debord, Baudrillard, Proust cit: Leach) 2.2 - Theme parks and other urban enclaves of the urban spectacle (Soja and Davis) 3.1 - Post-structural criticism (mainly Derrida) and the strategy of "urban camouflage" as a way to develop a more positive role to Design (Leach) and to understanding visual culture and aesthetic practice as a way to provide identity in the post-global world of the Multinationals (Jameson vs Schmidt)

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