Some notes on the SPECTACLE

It´s necessary to introduce the topic "Spectacle", trying to expalin properly the historical context when in which it emerged and stablished relations with other previous aspects as
the Metropolization, Modernization, Mechanization, and manly the increase development of “Post-industry”, “Consume” and “Mass–mediatization” in the post-war period.
One should make reference to some "Creative strategies in the metropolis" (i.e. Dada, Surrealism, etc.) and to practices of detorunement (in literature, graphic design and cinema).
One must also explain the situationist concepts of society of the spectacle, Psychogeography", the derive, detournement; and after explain the logic of the Megastructural Trend approach Constant´s New Babylon.
Could be interesting to notice the British protagonism, and mainly the history of emergence and development of the British Punk Movement.
In fact, one could present the Punk attitude as a very specific "creative strategy" among a range of more conventional urban "nomadic attitudes".
To conclude, one woudl like to direct all this narrative to debate the contemporary role of Design, using Frankfurt and Pos-structural analysis. In a certain way, one could say that after the Utopian Design of the 60s, and the Radical Nihilistic destruction of the 70-80s, we began to develop more productive appropriations of the “mediatization” to challenge the intitucional organization of the Design praxis.

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